A Finnish girl in early twenties studying a bachelor's degree in Seoul, ROK.

"You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." - A.A. Milne

Anonymous whispered: You seem like someone who takes really good care of themselves. Mind sharing what you do to keep up with your appearance? Hair, skin, nails, exercise, etc...! Any beauty treatments you're hooked on, or general tips for looking one's best? :)

Hello there! For some reason I find this such a heartwarming ask, but I feel like I am about to disappoint you severely with what I’m about to say.

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Since I’m basically all caught up on my study schedule now (after letting myself slip last week), I’m going to reward myself with a nice dinner and perhaps something chocolate-related tonight! 

I feel like, every time I walk the distance between Kondae and Hanyang, I’m cheating death. There’s at least half a dozen crossings where it’s equally hard for pedestrians and drivers to see the other party, not to mention the lack of traffic lights (or, you know, that one specific traffic light for drivers that pedestrians can’t even see until they’re already crossing) combined with the way we all know Koreans like to drive. 

The Mr. Lee lookalike has a girlfriend. And an annoying voice. But his face is so pretty my legs were still shaking as I awkwardly greeted him today. Be right back, burying my face in my hands right now because I am done with myself. 

My mom says that, although they’re finally discharging my brother, his lungs still aren’t quite working and he needs to carry a portable oxygen tank with him. Meanwhile, my brother claims he’s perfectly fine but they’re not letting him go home yet. I am… slightly conflicted over which story to believe here? 

I swear getting on Line 4 is almost always guaranteed to be a shitshow. Especially if your stop is Dongdaemun.