A Finnish girl in early twenties studying a bachelor's degree in Seoul, ROK.

"You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." - A.A. Milne

I could feel the judging eyes of the man in the convenience store yesterday evening as I placed about half a box full of Twix on the counter to be paid for, because sometimes a girl really just needs some chocolate after being stood up, and finding out she might be in some big ass financial trouble by the end of this month; both of which weren’t actually getting me very emotional anymore considering that’s all my life in Korea is sought out to be, but it was receiving a message from my mom telling me my grandma had eaten all the cookies and chocolate they’d been supposed to send me here that day that set me off the rails into wailing mode, hence all that goddamn Twix. My life is such a freaking joke. 

I guess it makes me the dumb one to have had any hope that things could still turn around and someone would prove it that all of this isn’t just a waste of my time. But, whatever, I’d rather the evening lazing around in bed then anyway. I might have reached my limit when it comes to human interaction with people in this country. 

What is this? Everyone else gets so busy over the summer while I basically don’t leave the bed for three months straight, but now that the fall semester is here I’ve had, what, one day in the past one month when I’ve done nothing besides school but marathoned a TV show, and otherwise always running from one appointment to another.